RD Investment Ventures, LLC


RD Investment Ventures, LLC,* an investment management firm seeks to raise $100 million from accredited investors to make investments in approved opportunity zones throughout the country.  The Fund seeks to demonstrate that private investment in traditionally underinvested communities can be both transformative and profitable.

The Tax Cut and Job Act of 2017 unleashed nearly $2.5 trillion dollars for investment in Opportunity Funds.  Under this legislation, special tax incentives are available to investors who invest in these designated zones (via investment in these Funds). To maximize tax benefits, investors must leave monies in the Fund for at least ten years.   

For more information on Opportunity Funds go to: Opportunity Zones Frequently Asked Questions | Internal Revenue Service

The Fund offers the following to investors:

  • Superior Returns

  • Tax Incentives (per Tax Cut and Jobs Law of 2017 – and Opportunity Fund Legislation)

  • Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Options 

  • National Fund with targeted local markets

  • CRA Credit

  • Social investment with competitive returns

  • Diverse ownership 

RD Real Estate Partners

RD Real Estate Partners focuses on the investment, development and management of real estate holdings.

More details are coming soon.


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[The securities issued by the Fund have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended or under any state securities law. The Fund is not a registered investment company under the United States Investment Company Act of 1940.